Digital Banking

Digital banking is provided to improve Quality Service for every single customers.

Mobile Banking

Siinqee Bank Mobile banking is a service that allows customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device. Real time transfers shall be made by the customers with their convenient place and time.

Both USSD and Omni Channel online banking services are able to accommodate your needs. 

Your banking, your preferred way. Dial *871# now.

Card Banking


Our bank debit card lets you pay for purchases of your wants at retail merchant outlets deployed POSs: hotels shop malls and the like. Else, you can withdraw cash from any bank nearby ATM on your journey.

The bank has deployed 125 ATMs as a startup to be accessed its and other bank’s customers anytime and anywhere from the country’s corner.

The bank is in progress to activate 250 Mobile POSs following the successful completion of the project and deployment of the bank’s POSs to support its and other financial institution customers throughout the country and from abroad.

You can use our readily available ATMs at your nearest branches and marketplaces.

Internet Banking

Using Siinqee bank Internet Banking services lead customers to benefit from our Individual and Corporate Internet Banking services to work on 24 hours a day and 7 days of a week, from any location.

24/7 Siinqee Bank Internet Banking – Your Gateway to Convenient and Flexible Financial Management.

Digital Micro-Lending

Aswift credit wallet product provided to customers to access micro credits, non collateral but the sole reference of six month transactions score of mobile air purchases and telebirr to borrow up to Birr 50,000.00

Get started with Aswift Credit Wallet now!

Agent Banking

The new agency banking is coming to serve the remotely living unbanked society to channel funds and ensure financial viability of the potential customers living where ever they are living in the country.

Our new agency banking is set to reach and serve remote communities.

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