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Agricultural Loan 


Agriculture loans are used to fund production of a variety of farming activities such as production of crops, plantation, harvesting of the agriculture products, processing of the products and marketing the final outputs, breeding of livestock, cattle fattening, dairy farm and provision of agriculture.
It is used to extend to finance temporary working capital and project financing needs for borrowers working in agriculture sector.

Types of Agricultural Loan:-

1. Agriculture Input Loans (fertilizer, other)

It is a short- term agricultural granted for the purchase of fertilizers. Applicants for the loan may be MSME, cooperatives, associations, commercial farmers, individual, or regional states.
If the request is form a regional state, the President or his delegates of the regional state should sign the loan application letter and the loan contract.

2. Agriculture Investment Loans

It is a short-term loan granted to MSMEs, cooperatives, associations, commercial farmers or individuals for working capital as well as purchase or lease of building, agro-processing machinery and equipment for plant and animal production in small/ medium/ large-scale farming, construction of storage facilities, etc.

3.Agricultural Machinery Loan

These are loans granted to MSMEs, cooperatives or individual farmers who are engaged in farming and agricultural related activities on commercial/small/medium scale or to businessmen who are engaged in agricultural machinery renting business for acquisition of agro-processing machinery and equipment ( such as water pumps, generators, combine harvesters, tractors, coffee processing machines, etc.)

Construction Machinery Loan

Construction machinery loan is a loan extended in the form of a term loan for the purchase of new construction machinery such as dozers, graders, loaders, excavators, scrapers, rollers, asphalt pavers, crushers, concrete batching plants, concrete pavers, cranes, drilling rigs wagon drills, chip spreaders, and concrete mixer mounted on trucks.


Motor Vehicle Loan

A Motor Vehicle Loan is a term loan granted for the purchase for new motor vehicle for borrowers in the business sectors.


Manufacturing Loan

The Bank avails loans to facilities manufacturing activities of small, medium and large scale industries.

Credit to this sector can be in the form of working capital to cover the fund required for purchase the raw material and all the inputs required to produce the goods and investment loans for procurement of machinery, equipment and civil works. Such loans are also granted to manufacturing enterprise that make use agricultural raw materials and processing inputs.

Domestic Trade and Service (DTS) Loan

Financing domestic trade helps in the smooth flow of goods and service in the economy since it serves as an intermediary between producers and consumers. Therefore Domestic trades in essential goods whether imported or locally produced or manufacturing is to be encouraged through bank financing.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality industry involves provision of accommodation, conference, food and beverage, catering, recreation centers, tour and travel and cultural exposures.

This sector also includes the development of hotel, resorts and recreational sites, operation of hotels and hospitality services and development and operation of tourism.

International Trade

Export Loan


The Bank grants loans for export of agricultural products like livestock, meat and meat products, hides and skins, cereals, pulses , oil seeds, cut flowers, and coffee which are major sources of foreign exchange earning to the country.
The Bank also grants loans for export of raw minerals or semi-processed minerals, industry manufacturing or semi-processed products.
Financing the export sector is done in a variety of ways by providing loans in the form of revolving credit facilities and advances against sells contract and letter of credit in addition to financing in the form of term loans, and overdraft facilities.

Import Loan


Loans for imports of essential raw materials, input for industry intermediary goods and final products, like medicines, spare parts, building materials, machineries, etc.
Provision is usually working capital assistance in the form short term loan or overdraft. Letter of credit margin provided to facilitate import activities.

Import Loan


Idea financing is a term loan that is extended to individual or groups for implementing scientific studies, which as recognition in invention and innovation by the concerned government organ.

The loan can also be granted for promotion and advertisement of artistic and intrinsic societal culture, commercial or mass production and marketing of creative ideas that have obtained recognition from the intellectual Property Right Protection Office.

The Bank may extend the loan for maximum period of seven years with only one year Grace Period.

Loan Buyout

Loan buyout is a type of arrangement where in the Bank buys loans from other Banks. This is done when it’s believed that buying of the loan is beneficial to the bank.
The main objectives of loan buyout can be to:-

  • Regain ex-customer of the Bank
  • Attract new customer from another Bank.
  • Increase of loan whereby the bank held the collateral a as a second degree for loans lent by other banks.
  • The request must be present in writing.

Merchandise Loan Facility  

Merchandise refers to a specific product for group of goods manufacture or acquired by a trading business for the purpose of sale and or for the use of own productions process as raw materials or inputs.
Merchandise Loan is a short-term credit facility provided by the bank against merchandise or documentary evidence is held as pledge or collateral for the loan.

Revolving Merchandise Loan

It is type of merchandise loan in which the borrower is allowed to use up to the limit set by the bank for specific period on revolving basis.

It is renewable subject to proper utilization of the facility; The Bank encourages releasing of the merchandise items should be based on the principle of FIFO.

One-Time Merchandise Loan

A one-time merchandise loan is a type of merchandise loan availed only for specified period depending on the nature of the merchandise items up to the maximum of nine months.
Customer relationship manager/ branch manager should make the necessary follow up-to make sure that merchandise loan balance is reduced progressively over the period or is full settled by the due date.

Merchandise Loans against Import document

The Bank may exceptionally avail merchandize loan against goods in transit support by import document for its prominent customers. In such cases, complete set of documents such as bills of loading, truck/air /rail waybills, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, insurance certificate packing list and other related documents should be submitted to the Bank.
The Bank may also require a tri-partite agreement with the borrower and the transistor in which case the transistor will be responsible for clearing the goods from the ports of entry and deliver to the warehouse to be specified in the agreement with the borrower.
The Bank may exceptionally avail merchandise loan against goods in trains supported by import documents for its prominent customers.

Warehouse Financing

Warehouse receipt financing is a mechanism by which the loan provides or advances for members and clients of the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange by pledging the warehouse receipts issued in their names by the ECX.

Advance against warehouse receipt is a type of short term loan to be guaranteed in the form of merchandise loan to holders of warehouse receipt up on accepting the receipt as collateral.

Warehouse receipt (WHR) states the goods specified for the delivery to bearer of to the order of a named person.

Warehouse receipt (WHR) is a receipt issued by the ECX and is legally transferable by endorsement or delivery.

Pre-shipment Export Credit Facility

Pre-shipment Export Credit Facility is a short term, one, or revolving loan facilities extended for purchase of raw materials, processing and converting into finished goods, warehousing, packing, and transporting the goods until the time of shipment, up on presentation of valid sales contract and irrevocable export letters of credit.

For ECX tradable items all advances shall be channeled to ECX pay-in account. If the fails to buy the goods, advances shall be credited to the loan account unless the customers opts to retain in the pay-in account for the next auction.

The advance shall be settled from the respective export proceeds in foreign currency.

Pre-shipment Export Credit Facility against sales contract

It is one-time or revolving. Revolving pre-shipment export credit facility: – the same of advances shall not exceed the limit approved.

The applicant shall present valid sales contract or bona-fide order from foreign buyer.

Pre-shipment Export Credit Facility against irrevocable L/C

 Pre-shipment Export Credit Facility is availed on clean basis against irrevocable Export L/C.

If the facility is revolving export pre-shipment, it shall be renewed every twelve unless the bank demands to renew it for any remedial action when the performance of the account is deteriorating.

Pre-shipment Export Credit Facility without L/C and Sales Contract

Its purpose is to work with and support prominent customers whose exportable commodities are highly demanded on the global market that have established secured market created long time relation-ship with their buyers , have high sales turnovers and strong financially position to generate the required foreign currency for the bank.

Operation of Pre-shipment Credit Facility

For coffee export, the exporter shall submit sales contract, which is registered at the national bank of Ethiopia or other Regulatory Authority as appropriate.

Discounted export L/Cs should be recorded in discounted export L/Cs register book and dates of a negotiation are finalized.

Letter of Guarantee Facilities

The bank may extend applicants one time or renewable letter of guarantee facilities:-

  • A one-time letter of guarantee facility is nonrenewable letter of guarantee extended to applicants who have no recurrent request.
  • Renewable letter of guarantee facility is a form of facility to customers who have recurrent requests. The limit is reviewed periodically when the customer fulfills the bank’s requirements.

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